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What We Offer

Under the direction of the Usher Coordinator, the Ushers serve the Liturgy by helping to establish a climate of welcome, helpfulness and order among those gathered. They assist the assembly with practical details so that the Liturgy and Sacred Rites can be celebrated with ease and grace.


  • Ensures that the Church is presentable and welcoming.
  • Arrives early with appropriate attire and nametag.
  • Welcomes parishioners as they arrive, being attentive to newcomers, children, the elderly and those with special needs.
  • Offers information or assistance regarding the parish, the Liturgy, the facilities, parish registration procedures, location of restrooms, special events and seating arrangements.
  • Helps the assembly by handing out hymnals, receiving collections and seating late arrivals and persons with disabilities.
  • Ensures that a family/group has been designated to present gifts.
  • Responds appropriately to particular needs or emergencies within the assembly.
  • Assists in the movement of the assembly during Holy Communion.
  • Carries the collection up when gifts are being presented.
  • Assists with the departure of the assembly.
  • Participates fully in the Liturgy as an exemplary member of the assembly.
  • Carries out other functions as requested by the Rector and/or Pastoral Team.

 Skills, Experience, and Qualifications

  • Registered and in good standing with the Church, Pastor and community.
  • Must be a confirmed, practicing Catholic.
  • Is recognized within the parish community as a person of good reputation.
  • Has the ability to work with others as a team.

 Personal Traits and Qualities

  • Desires to serve the community and to commit time and talents to this ministry.
  • Honest, dependable and can maintain strict confidentiality.
  • Is able to collaborate well with others and enjoys teamwork.
  • Has a helpful, supportive and nonthreatening attitude when working with people.
  • Is comfortable with being accountable and is sensitive to the observance of proper boundaries.
  • Has a spirit of generosity.

 Orientation and Training

  • Standard parish orientation program and training provided by the Usher Coordinator in consultation with the Rector.

 Participant Group

  • Other Liturgical Hospitality: Greeters & Ushers, the parish community.

 Support, Supervision, and Evaluation

  • The Usher Coordinator is the first level of support, supervision and evaluation.

 Benefits and Working Conditions

  • Will develop collaboration and team working skills.
  • Must be able to attend the orientation session and training sessions as required.

 Screening Recommendations

  • This is a Medium risk position.
  • Completion of a Volunteer Information Form is required.
  • Signing of the Model Code of Conduct is required.
  • Training and orientation are required.
  • There will be supervision and periodic evaluations.

 This ministry position description accurately reflects the Ministry of Ushers currently practiced at St. Mary’s Cathedral Parish, Diocese of Calgary.