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Art and Environment Team Member

What We Offer


Under the direction of the Rector, the Art and Environment Team prepares for Liturgical celebrations at the parish. The beauty, quality and appropriateness of the space where the Liturgy is celebrated are crucial for full participation by the assembly.


  • Helps to plan the visual layout in order to enhance the Liturgical celebration (i.e. flowers, hangings, seasonal, ornamentation, etc.).
  • Implements the appropriate decoration of the church in accordance to the Liturgical season.
  • Ensures that the general Liturgical environment (arrangement of space, furnishings, lighting, permanent decorations, etc.) corresponds to the aesthetic and ritual vision of the parish.
  • Collaborates with the Rector and with other members of the parish staff, integrating his/her own area of responsibility with the overall parish endeavor.
  • Participates fully in the Liturgy as an exemplary member of the assembly.
  • Is available for meetings and training on both the Parish and diocesan levels.

 Skills, Experience, and Qualifications

  • Is a fully initiated member of the Catholic Church in good standing.
  • Is recognized within the parish community as a person of good reputation.
  • Possesses aesthetic skills appropriate to this work (e.g. regarding use of space, colour, light, textures, form).
  • Is able to discern the aesthetic/artistic implications of the Liturgical Rites and how they may be implemented in the space.
  • Is sensitive to the use of the church for the parish community’s Liturgical celebrations as well as for private prayer and reflection.
  • Is familiar with diocesan guidelines for environment and visual art in the Liturgy as wellas the specific requirements for the Sacred Rites.
  • Is familiar with the ritual and theological implications and meanings of the seasons and feasts in the Liturgical Calendar.

 Personal Traits and Qualities

  • Desires to serve the community and to commit time and talents to this ministry.
  • Is honest, trustworthy and enthusiastic.
  • Is able to communicate well with others and has good leadership skills.
  • Has the ability to work independently or as part of a team.
  • Has a respectful attitude concerning appropriate preservation of the parish’s religious art and architecture.
  • Has a spirit of generosity and creativity.

 Screening Recommendations

  • This is a Low risk position (provided the Liturgical Environment Planner does not have a key and/or private access to parish property).
  • Completion of a Volunteer Information Form is required.

This ministry position description accurately reflects the Ministry of Art and Environment Team Member currently practiced at St. Mary’s Cathedral Parish, Diocese of Calgary.