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Christmas Mass Information

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Merry Christmas!  In the chaos created by the COVID pandemic, St Mary’s Cathedral wants to ensure the physical and spiritual health of all those worshipping and serving during this holy time.  Below are a few items that will make Christmas at the Cathedral a blessed time:

 1. The COVID-restricted seating capacity is 165 people

2.  Online Christmas Mass sign-up begins on Thursday, December 17 9AM and closes on Wednesday, December 23 12PM. The Cathedral opens 30 min before the Mass begins, but your pre-registered spot will be held up to 15 minutes before Mass, when it will be given to those ‘walking-in’.

3. Walk-ins for Mass are permitted, but, unfortunately, we must close the doors once we meet the church’s capacity. 

4. Government of Alberta public health orders:, each household must register their attendance and only one household may sit together during Mass.  As well, all mass attendees are strongly encouraged to wear a mask for the duration of mass and must wear it for the reception of Holy Communion.

5. Mass times are subject to change pending volunteer availability and/or additional public health measures.  

6. If you are unable to attend mass in person, St. Mary's will also be holding livestream mass on Dec. 24 4PM and at Dec 25 12PM with Bishop McGrattan.  Please visit for more information.

7.  If you want St Mary’s Cathedral to pray for you and your intentions this Christmas, please submit them to

8. To support the financial needs at the Cathedral, you are welcome to make a donation to where you will receive an immediate income tax receipt.

For more information on the Government of Alberta public health orders, visit and the Diocese of Calgary health directives at

 We look forward to seeing you this Christmas!

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