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Marriage is a vocation and a Sacrament of the Catholic Church. The union of a man and woman in Christian Marriage is a sign of God’s union with the People of God. Therefore, it requires of those who enter it a complete and unreserved giving of self. Christ also referred to the love of Marriage to describe his own love for his bride, the Church. This love is lifelong, fruitful and completely faithful.

The desire to live one’s faith must be as important as the desire to live with one’s spouse; the relationship to God is intimate and demands self-giving in the same way that your relationship with your spouse demands intimacy and self-giving.

The Sacrament of Marriage is an important event for the Church as well. Married couples who are committed to a generous, faithful, and life-giving love are one of the clearest and best signs of the love of God.

If you are an active, registered parishioner of St. Mary’s  Cathedral and are interested in celebrating the Sacrament of Marriage in the Cathedral, please contact Linda Hengen at the parish office 403-228-4170.

If you are not an active, registered parishioner of St. Mary’s Cathedral and are interested in celebrating the Sacrament of Marriage in the Cathedral, you are asked to contact your parish priest and request that he prepare the marriage papers, conduct your wedding rehearsal, and witness your marriage. The parish priest will then contact the Rector of the Cathedral to make arrangements.

Please note - There are a variety of documents that are required (Baptism certificate, marriage licence), a pre-nuptial questionnaire must be completed, and the Diocese of Calgary requires all couples who wish to marry to take a marriage preparation course. There are several programs approved within the Diocese including programs offered by "For Better & Forever",  Engaged Encounter, and Catholic Family Services Marriage Preparation.